6 Tips You Can Use in Your Next Online Blackjack Game

Blackjack has been one of the world’s favourite games of all times and have topped in many online surveys. Despite of being a classic hit, this game has reached a massive popularity in online casinos and it has literally millions of players each day. It is also one of the most downloaded apps in mobile gaming. With all of that information listed above, it is quite sure that playing blackjack online leads you to a tight competition which lessens your chances of winning. That is why you need to raise your competitive advantage in your game and get an edge against your competitors. How to do that? We listed 6 tips or advices from blackjack experts for you to have better chances of winning in your next game. Check this out!

Learn the basics of card counting

For the benefit of those with zero knowledge about this game, let me define card counting for you. This is a card game strategy used in playing blackjack to determine if the next hand is likely to give an advantage in either the player or the dealer. Although it is impossible to do card counting in an online blackjack, paying close attention to any hints and tips which are thrown to you in the game can help you hugely in determining the probability of your next move. Therefore, always consider the feel while the progress of the game continues to be able to make a clear, definite decision in this gameplay.

Moves you should always remember to use!

There is a list of moves which professional players remember and use in their games. This list has been proven to be effective in raising your chances of winning in this gameplay. When you receive a soft 17, that is an ace and 6, always choose to hit. On the other hand, if you receive 17, always choose to stand. Meanwhile, you should take the option double down if you receive 11 and choose the option split if you receive aces and 8s.

Moves you should never use!

If there are moves which you need to, as much as possible, memorize, there are also moves which are highly discouraged if you are aiming for higher grounds in playing blackjack. These moves are splitting 5s or 10s and, at the same time, standing on 12 to 16 if the dealer pulls out a 7 or higher.

Keep yourself away from distractions

Many gamblers fail in any online casino games due to distractions. Some players get involved with additional activities to fill in the time gaps. These might be in the form of watching TV, talking on the phone or even surfing the web. Multi-tasking can be a great skill but it should never be used once you sit and start gambling. As what I’ve said earlier in this article, there will be hints and tips that will be thrown to you and you might just miss them because you are busy doing something. This might lead you to make mistakes that greatly affect your entire game. And remember that in gambling, a single mistake could kill everything.

Play in a place that brings you comfort!

In these days, mobile casinos are becoming more popular too! You can use it anywhere you want either you are commuting or in a lunch break. That could be fine! But, if you really wanted to be of higher advantage against your opponents, find a place that is relaxing and makes you feel comfortable. The best place to play your online blackjack is to play it in the comfort of your own home. Nothing beats an environment that is familiar and where everything you need is within your reach. Many experts say that a player should prepare himself physically, mentally, emotionally and financially if he is really serious in winning the game. This is because any factor that can stress out a player can affect the way he play the game and can have a bad impact in his judgement.

Make patience your best buddy

Although you have done everything you could to win the game, there will be times that the moment is not meant for you. All I can say is never lose yourself in losing because this can give you enough grasp in your next game. Make it as your learning experience and step up in the next time you enter the game room. Make it as your motivation to do better. It may be caused by a wrong move or it may be because there is someone more experienced than you in the group, that’s not a problem after all. Winning parties once came from the losing parties. That is because they are patient enough to work on their winning destiny.