Top 5 Online Gambling Games

Since its debut in 1996, online casinos continue its growth and popularity as more of its alike are born in Europe and Asia. It continues its expansion by introducing hundreds of online casino games around the globe which became a sensational hit in the hearts of many gamblers in this industry. The most prominent cause of its popularity is the pure entertainment it brings to every gamer in the luxury of their own homes. Aside from that, players who are shy can find refuge in online casinos as it offers a certain level of anonymity in every gameplay. This is because players don’t need to have a face-to-face encounter to take part in each game. It gives every player the chance to play without the disturbance from the thought that other players might figure out what’s in his head due to his body language and expressions. If you are new in this industry of online casinos and online betting and is still in the process of deciding what game to start with, we made a list of top 5 online casino games which you, too, might love. This list is a general result from the surveys conducted by different medium who aims to know the trending online casino games in the world.


Poker remains to be one of the crowd’s favorite games in both land-based and online casinos. In fact, many casino houses branded this game as the most popular game of all ages. And in the up rise of its new age digital variants, Texas Hold’em Poker is the most loved by many online gamblers. There’s also a huge variety of poker rooms where you can play online just in case you wish to play another poker variation.


Among any casino games, roulette is voted as the most exciting casino game of all times and often the most played by many gamblers of which most of them are women. Despite of being one of the classics in casino houses, roulettes, together with its variants, are still the most played in online casinos. Most of the survey’s respondents quoted roulette as a game that can bring adrenaline rush as they play because winning or losing in this game is quite difficult to predict. This is simply because the ball will be the one dictating your game’s destiny. And to play roulette, you need to have a strong heart because you also need to prepare yourself from losing if lady luck is not on your side for the night.


Known as the king of casino card games, online blackjack never fails to amuse card gamblers. With its adaptation of its classic land-based version, the online blackjack can be played between the house and the players who aim to reach or get as close to 21 to beat the odds of the game. This is a great gameplay for those who want a quick game and those who love the feeling of waiting for the right card to come. This game also has the ability to be appealing for the non-skilled gamblers.


I couldn’t imagine any casino in the world without slots in it. This is the most popular game in the world of casino and completes the whole package of bringing entertainment, fun and excitement in every casino around the world! In fact, in online casinos, slots have the most variants and are most played by those who are looking for an immediate fun. Plus the combination of its vibrant colours, fast and easy gameplay and its entertaining variety of sounds, it becomes perfect for every player regardless of gender and age group. The variety of online slot machines is showcasing different symbols and sounds which seems to be very attractive and light for players. This is a great game for those who wish to take a break from other casino games too!


There are numerous online bingo sites to play nowadays and its becoming more popular as the years pass by. Each site has their own rules to follow and this is something that players need to keep in mind. As of today, different versions with different themes are made available for different group of players. There are female- and male-oriented themes that will surely suit your taste and preference. It also develops a community where players can communicate with each other and talk about different things of their interests. The simplicity of its gameplay is another thing which players love about it. At the same time, it becomes appealing to some players who are on tight budget but wants to experience fun in online casinos. There are game rooms which accommodates as little as 3 cents per card. These rooms are accommodating players who purchase the same amount of cards to be fair and just in each playing party.