3 reasons why casino card tables are green

The casino is a major part of the modern culture today. When designing casinos, every little detail is considered so that the players felt comfortable and attracted to enter casinos. One such detail is the colour of the casino table which is coloured green almost all the time. Here are the reasons behind having a green coloured table for playing casino card games.

It is psychological

The colour green gives the feelings of calmness and relaxation. The colour green represents stability. It provides a balance between warm colours like yellow, red, orange and the cool colours of blue and purple. Green is a positive colour and is associated with the action of ‘go’. So, it tells the players that they are ready to go.

Cultural meaning

In Western culture, green indicates wealth and prosperity. In Eastern culture, on the other hand, the colour red represents prosperity and luck. Money and financial security are linked with the colour green. The bank notes are green, and the financial spreadsheets show profits in green. The colour green tells the players that it’s OK to gamble their money to earn more money. The colour gives them an optimistic feeling.

The baize material

The baize material was used in snooker tables as its texture slows down the balls to help the tactical part of the game. The material was dyed green so that it imitates a green lawn. This material was then used in poker tables and other card games.

Though some casinos now use other colours like red and blue, green is still the most popular colour. There is a psychological link with the green colour that is used in casino card tables.